Hello Kitty! Can Kiss My…Pt.2

Today I’d like to get back to my fascination with strange Japanese products. I found this next one a few months ago, again at the local 7-11. (Which doesn’t have Slurpees. They do have a wooden box at the front of the store filled with whole eggs, wieners, nasty jellied potato triangles called konyaku, all sitting in congealing soup, so at least there’s that) So with that unappealing vision dancing through your heads, I present:


The jokes seem to write themselves for this one.

Would you like a piece of my Asse?

Your Asse is so rich and chocolaty.

How much of your Asse can you fit into that box, anyway?

Unfortunately, the taste experience was not nearly as delightful as the visual. Asse tasted like any other ¥100 chocolate. So what I would say to this chocolate if I met her in some bar on a dark night in February is this, “I’m sorry. I thought you had a nice Asse, but on second glance, I see that it is plain and flat. Sorry.” I might at this point mention something about junk and trunks or bubbles or something. But in reality, it’s been so long since I dated, this chocolate bar might walk up to me, take one look at the sad state of affairs, and move on to look for a nice jar of peanut butter or glass of milk. How can I compare to a jar of peanut butter, anyway?

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One Comment on “Hello Kitty! Can Kiss My…Pt.2”

  1. Mox Says:

    Funny stuff.

    Hey, I just sent you an email but it got bounced. The server said your IP address had registered a complaint against my IP address or something weird like that.

    Shoot me an email or reply in the blog. I’d hate to lose contact again.

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