Home again, Home again, Jiggidy Jig

Well, I’m back from a little hiatus. You might say to yourself, or to your virtual friends on Second Life, “What gives him the nerve to take a break when he has only written a few posts?” I have nothing to say to that.

I have been working on a little piece that I hope to make a continuing thing, but my research isn’t done yet. You may be interested, you may not give a hoot. I’ve decided to rank all of the sports movies that I have seen. Why? It’s more for me than for anyone else. It’s a look into my psyche, a look into my ability to critique, and a chance to sit in front of the t.v. for “research” purposes. My wife doesn’t have a foot to stand on. I’m going to go Bill Simmons style on ya’ll, though, and if that offends some readers, so be it. Bill is one of my favorite sports bloggers, and he started this thing where he ranked sports movies, but in no particular order. One movie could be ranked third, the next, one hundred forty-two. He may have had a list somewhere, but he hasn’t seemed to follow up on it.

So I have compiled my list, and have started writing witty words. But there are so many movies I have to re-tread, and a few that I just missed out on. I mean, what if I start ranking films now, and then, all of the sudden, out of the blue, Air Bud blows me away and I have to reconfigure everything? As Bill Simmons would say, “Not good times”. I’m working on it. I also have a few new, snazzy Japanese frequencies to give you, and a few more interesting stories about my life in Japan. There really is a little bit of everything here. Until next time…

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2 Comments on “Home again, Home again, Jiggidy Jig”

  1. Mox Says:

    But where do you stand on the “Jerry Maguire” divide? Sports movie or chick flick?

    Cuba is a sports movie in “Maguire”, the rest of his career has been a chick flick. Daddy Day Camp? I will now set myself on fire.

  2. schmeicheljp Says:

    Hey Mox.
    I left you a message on the Omega site with my new address. Hopefully we can get some communication going. The Jerry Maguire ordeal is something that was in my mind from the get go. There are so many movies with some type of sports being played, but if the sport or the event is not a major part of the movie, then I think I will leave it out. As for Maguire, I think the football game Cuba plays in is the pivotal point of the entire movie. Cuba plays well, almost dies, gets back up to do that ridiculous dance, Jerry realizes that he hasn’t really lived yet, not like Cuba anyway, and flies back to reconcile with Renee Zelwhigetthaldkfjldgmasldfk and the kid with the big brain. So Maguire stays. I’ve been watching a sports flick nearly every night for the last couple of weeks. I try to write my review the day after, because if I didn’t, they would all bleed together.

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